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Providing hope through music.

Help the fight against cancer with the power of music.


Featured Outreach:

Chipsa Hospital

Hope Song brings artists and their music directly to patients at Chipsa Hospital to uplift the body, mind, and souls of patients and their families while they undergo integrated cancer treatment.


"Music does something for patients. It lifts them up. It helps them escape. For the hours they are listening to the music, they're having the time of their life! Its wonderful to see somebody with cancer who is fighting for their life all of a sudden be in that incredible moment of joy."

-Tommy P.


"I don't know if many people realize how important music is. They have a music program at CHIPSA where the musicians come during our lunch hours and serenade us with all kinds of upbeat happy songs! And that also contributes to the mind, body, and soul feeling of joy and feeling hope that we need to get better ."

-Charlotte T.


"I was having a rough day and when I came in to the cafeteria during Hope Song, it relaxed me and brought me into a different perspective. I got my meal and a calming affect came over me. It turned my day around! You'll find that CHIPSA, things go from a negative to a positive really fast especially with the wonderful music they play for us."

-Michael T.

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"Hope Song has made a huge impact, in not just my life, but the life of my husband and family"


-Laura P.


Our Mission

Hope Song's mission is to fund integrated cancer treatment for those in need and to provide musical performances as a form of therapy to assist in their treatment.




Hope Song is PROUD and EXCITED to partner with ChoiceCenter Leadership University and the Team LV177 in support of our mission to assist patients receiving cancer treatment and their loved ones. 

The unfortunate reality is that nearly everyone has been affected personally or proximally, by cancer in some way. It's a painful process for everyone.

Hope Song continues their efforts to help those experiencing this terrible disease by bringing musicians to play in cancer hospitals. Our Goal is to help the patients through daily musical performances, because music is healing. 

Hope Song also funds patient scholarships to those patients that need treatment but can’t afford it. 

Hope Song and ChoiceCenter can’t thank you enough for your generous support!


Please contact an LV177 Team Member for a link to their personal donation page.