Providing hope to those in need through the power of music. 

Hope Song began like many other charitable organizations: a group of individuals believed in an idea enough to explore its potential. This idea was that music can generate a positive difference in peoples' lives. 

Hope Song is an organization that prides itself on understanding the value of hope and acknowledging its duty to provide it through music. One of the current focuses of Hope Song is helping the patients at CHIPSA Hospital through the effective, albeit rigorous treatment of cancer and autoimmune disease. Hope Song musicians play for patients each day adding the emotional healing that must occur.

While the intentions behind music can vary considerably, the results often have more in common. Music inspires people. It creates memories and bonds between some that would have otherwise continued on their individual path, unbeknownst to each other, like ships passing in the night.

Music starts revolutions, inspires rebellion and creates relationships. It can help someone through their morning commute or through a failed relationship. It can motivate someone to workout, stand up, or move on when nothing else could.

Above all, one commonality that music can deliver is HOPE. Hope is one of the most important commodities that a person can have. With hope, storms are simply the preface to a silver lining. 

Without hope those silver linings are a forgone conclusion to a life spent in the rain. If a person can grasp the importance of hope, the option of providing it to those in need becomes less of an option and more of a welcomed obligation. Having the ability to give someone hope is a privilege whose rewards are boundless, palpable and eternal.

According to Dr. Lopez, one of the head physicians at CHIPSA, “I have never seen a patient with a negative attitude beat cancer”

This why Hope Song is so committed to providing Hope for these cancer patients.

Donations to Hope Song go towards travel expenses for musicians and assisting patients who cannot afford treatment. Together we can bring music, financial support, and hope to cancer patients.